Who We Are

Aidan Products provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality and most innovative nutraceutical supplements available.

Our company was founded in 2001 by Neil H. Riordan, PhD, an innovative research scientist with an extensive background in stem cell, immunology and cancer research. Our products are sold by leading medical practitioners around the world.


About Our Products

We currently offer nine different supplements. Each of our supplements are designed to support specific health functions and many contain patented ingredients and formulations that by law cannot be found anywhere else.

Our products are produced in GMP facilities and have been tested by independent laboratories and collaborators.

See The Science

Some companies use large marketing budgets to shout their message. At Aidan, we let our scientific research do the talking.

65+ scientific publications. Validation of our results by peers and independent parties. Collaborations with leading universities. Newly discovered ingredients. Issued patents. At Aidan, we stand behind our slogan…building better health through science.


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