Imm-Kine 60 Capsules

Imm-Kine 60 Capsules

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Imm-KineTM combines the patented MPGC molecule with beta 1-3-glucan and bacterial DNA, and is perhaps the most versatile immune stimulant available. MPGC contains muramic acid peptides that activate a non-specific immune resistance to bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes. Beta 1,3 Glucan is a well-known non-specific immune stimulant derived from baker’s yeast. Bacterial DNA activates macrophages and dendritic cells and helps prime infection-fighting T cells.

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Imm-Kine capsules provide a broad-spectrum immune enhancement. They can also help increase athletic performance and aid in post-workout healing. Imm-Kine contains bacterial DNA which activates your own body’s immune defenses (macrophages, dendritic cells, and proliferation/differentiation of T cells). It also contains beta 1,3-glucan which is a nonspecific immune stimulant derived from the cell walls of fungi. Combining the bacterial DNA and beta 1,3-glucan, Imm-Kine can boost your immune system during times of stress.

In terms of workout recovery time, Imm-Kine has been demonstrated to indirectly increase the natural levels of various cytokines. These cytokines are increased secondary to athletic stress on the muscles due to microtrauma. By increasing the release of these cytokines above normal levels, workout recovery time may be decreased.

Caution: If you are pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and results may vary.


1. Effects of Cell Wall Extracts of Gram Positive Bacteria (MPGC) on Human Immunity and Tumor Growth in Animals


Authors: Riordan NH, Meng X, Taylor P. Riordan HD

ABSTRACT: Muramyl polysaccharide glycan complex (MPGC) was tested for its immunostimulatory effects on human mononuclear cells and lymphocytes and for its anti-tumor effects in the S-1~0 mouse sarcoma model. MPGC is a non-toxic purified extract of the bacterial cell walls of Gram positive bacteria. In vitro MPGC (0.1 mg/mL) stimulated the production of Interleukins 1, 6, and 12, and stimulated human lymphocyte proliferation. A mixture of cytokines produced by MPGC (0.1 mg/mL)-stimulated human monocytes resulted in the maturation of immature human dendritic cells as evidenced by flow cytometric quantitation of CD83. Tumors were established in Kun Ming mice (3-4 weeks old, 19-21 grams each, mixed male/female, 10 animals per group) after subcutaneous injection of 5-180 sarcoma cells in the flank. Intraperitoneal MPGC (250 mcg/dose. daily for 14 days, first injection 2 days after tumor establishment) resulted in 75% inhibition of tumor growth. Using the same model and conditions, intravenous MI’GC (250 mcg/dose, daily for 14 days, first injection 2 days after tumor establishment) resulted in 77% inhibition of tumor growth compared to controls. We conclude that MPGC has immunostimulatory and anti-tumor qualities and should be studied further as an immunotherapeutic agent for cancer.

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