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Aidan Products offers innovative, unique supplements available through your medical practitioner.  We strive to utilize advancements in research to develop products that set themselves apart in the marketplace.

Our products are available to you through your healthcare provider.  By creating your account, you can order our products directly through utilizing a fulfillment code that is unique to your doctor.

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If you have your practitioner’s fulfillment code ready, you can simply register your account and order products right away.

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Use our online directory to locate your practitioner and his or her fulfillment code.

Aidan Products proudly provides our innovative supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners and their patients.  If you have been referred to us by your doctor, lookup their fulfillment code to register your account.  Account registration will allow you to customize your orders, including enrolling in any auto-shipments if so desired.

My Practitioner doesn't carry your Products, but I still want to Order

Our products are available through healthcare practitioners that are enrolled in our program.  If you're having trouble finding your doctor through our search function, or you're interested in purchasing our products but your doctor does not participate in our program, please give us a call at 800-529-0269 for more information.