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Aidan Products offers innovative, unique supplements available to licensed medical practitioners.  We strive to utilize advancements in research to develop products that set themselves apart in the marketplace.  All of our products and ingredients are manufactured in GMP-registered facilities.

We offer a variety of different ways for you to provide our products to your patients.  You can choose whichever method is easiest and most convenient for you!  We even offer auto-shipment options, so your patients can order products on a recurring basis and not have to remember to re-order.  By registering for an account, you can order our products directly through us to carry in your office and/or we can register your account for patient fulfillment.

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You Can Call in Your Order, or Place Them Online

  • Receive wholesale pricing on our products and free ground shipping for orders over $250.  Place phone orders by calling 800-529-0269, or place online orders here after creating an account.
  • Once your account is created, you can have the product shipped to your billing address or to other shipping addresses, such as a patient’s or family member’s.  We keep pricing information confidential and you’ll receive an email copy of your invoice.
  • Orders placed online are confirmed with a tracking number so you can monitor the status of your shipment.

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    Your Patients Order Directly Through

    • Your patients are provided with a unique practitioner ID associated with your account, allowing them to order our products and helping us identify orders that are placed through your account.
    • Patients create an account using this practitioner ID
    • Patients are then allowed to shop for and purchase products recommended by you, paying directly through our website using their credit card.
    • Patients pay their cost and products are shipped directly to them.

    In order to signup for patient fulfillment, you still need to fill out the following form.  Make sure you check the box that states “Check here if you would like us to create an account for your patients to be able to order online.”  After a confirmed registration, we will be in contact with you to setup pricing and product ordering options for your patients.