Aging Health

Aging Support

Our Aging Support regimen contains our best-in-class supplements designed to maintain and support optimum health; Stem-Kine, Infla-Kine, and Vein Caps.

Stem-Kine is a clinically proven proprietary stem cell supplement that stimulates your body to up to double its release of stem cells over baseline levels.† The proprietary blend of ingredients gives Stem-Kine its “fertilizer effect” and releases stem cells into the bloodstream to protect those cells from oxidative stress. Daily use is recommended for the best results.

Infla-Kine is an innovative, proprietary blend aimed at maintaining healthy inflammation.† Healthy Inflammation is a localized, short term reaction to an injury or illness and is the beginning of the healing process. Unhealthy inflammation is often characterized by a chemical imbalance and a loss of homeostasis in the body. Infla-Kine can be taken daily, or as needed, to assist with healthy inflammation balance.

Vein Caps is used to help thin the blood to help relieve swelling due to poor blood flow.† Vein Caps can be used as a daily vein health supplement, containing Nattokinase and Pine Bark Extract.

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