Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are available through healthcare practitioners that are enrolled in our program.  If you’re having trouble finding your doctor through our search function, or you’re interested in purchasing our products but your doctor does not participate in our program, please give us a call at 800-529-0269 for more information.
Once the product has shipped, you will receive an email from either us with the tracking information included. You can use this information to track the status of your package. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Yes you may. However, if you wish to pick up the order, it cannot be placed online. You must call in to the office (800-529-0269) and place your order over the phone, letting us know you wish to pick the product up.
You may send us an email at aidan@aidanproducts.com with your intent to place an order (including contact information) and we will contact you via phone to collect your credit card information and complete the order. Please don't send credit card information via email as it is not secure. Otherwise, you can call the office at 800-529-0269 to place your order.
We do ship internationally with some restrictions to certain countries. Please visit our shipping & returns policy to review our international shipping and return policies. Upon shipping your product, it is assumed you have read and agreed to these policies.
There are sometimes quantity discounts offered. It depends on the products and the amount ordered. Please don't hesitate to contact us for specific inquiries regarding ordering larger quantities.
Yes, you can place recurring orders as posted on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or wish to customize an order further than what is available on our website so we can better accommodate your needs.
For our return policy, please contact the office at 800-529-0269.
Absolutely. We have been proactive and decided to protect our entire site with SSL. This means that any data that you enter anywhere, from your email address to your credit card information is protected and cannot be compromised by third parties.
Yes, you can search here. If you are having trouble, try searching both by last name and company name.